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Here more we talk about how digital business moving around the world and what all new web development technologies influencing the market growth, yes, including AI and data science.

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Make Sure your Computer is Secure at Home
computer security tips

You spend many hours doing various type of work from home computer, like regular work from home, office work, banking work etc, but do you know many time your computer are being accessed by unauthorized people from outside.

SAP S4 HANA in Digital Transformation
sap hana digital transformation

Critical Role of SAP S4 HANA in Digital Transformation Industry -2021, How SAP HANA helping in digital transformation in industry like energy and power sector, Top enablers are companies like Honeywell, Tech Mahindra, GE, Capgemini.

Top Tech Innovation around the World!

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Quantum, Neuroscience API

How would be the digital life after 10 years!

artificia intelligence
neuroscience api

Who is doing what! Tech World at a Glance! Coming soon!

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neuroscience information data

Consuming Neuroscience Data in System Design, How neuroscience public dataset can be accessed for further research and analysis.

key elements of healthcare system

A System that allow to gather public data effectively and more health care professionals to participate, Open and compatible with policy at the same time.