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We accept guest post from bloggers only, Feel free to submit guest posting article as per following guidelines.

Before you submit your post, read again, and ask yourself, what a reader will learn from your piece of content! If your intention is getting a back-link somehow, we probably say no!

  1. We accept blog post from professional bloggers only, not from any organization, means if someone says, “I am CEO and MD of some company and my people want to post on your site”, we say No! if someone says “I am subject matter expert and blogger/ writer, want to post article” – you are most welcome.
  2. You must provide your details like, blog, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook profile; we must know who you are as a person.
  3. Destination page must be live, and accessible to public, at any point, if we see your site is not reachable, we simply remove the link from your post, content will remain same.
  4. What type of content we accept
    • We accept free posting for educational post related to technology and digitalization.
    • We will not accept any post related to SEO, unless your own blog ranking in google’s first page for SEO topics and your blog is at least 3 years old with more than 300 articles posted.
    • Please don't try to promote your product / service, write educational info that help people to learn deep implementation process of business technology.
    • We will not repost same content which has been published somewhere earlier, we publish original content only
  5. You get "one" outgoing link to your site, link will be do follow only, we will not provide no-follow link from our blog.
  6. There could be runtime ads inserted (by Google Ads program and or some other ads program) anywhere in between content.
  7. We publish very minimum number of post on our site, that means, we publish maximum 7 to 10 articles in a month, not more than that.
  8. You must fill the form and upload article (word document) in the same form. Don't send us any email for free guest posting, we will not respond.
  9. There must be one signature line at the end of post, which will be like “The above post is written by [person full name] of [organisation name / website name] on [date]”.
  10. We may create interlinks within our domain from your content if we see good relevancy, this update can happen anytime in future.

Note: if your article is selected, then we publish it within 7 to 15 days timeframe, and notify you in email.

We reject most of the articles because of fake information and very low quality content. We want only quality information for our readers.

You don’t need to send any email separately, just fill the above form.

After Publish [You must Agree!]

Once your post is published on our site, we share you the link to your registered email address, request you to share the post in your social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, tweeter etc. So, we can like, comment on your post to reach more people.

After we send the link of your published article to your registered email id, if you don’t share the link in your social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter) and send us an confirmation email (so we can check) , we disable the back-link to your site! [note: newly created social media accounts will not be considered.]

If we find you have republished the same content on any platform (including yours), we simply remove your content from our site, and never associate with you again.

In our monthly audit, if we find your details (like Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, website) are fake or not accessible; we remove your content without any notification.

Thank you, looking forward meaningful association with you to make a better digital experience for tomorrow.

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