9 Careers you could go into with a data science degree

data science degree and career

Welcome to the exciting world of data science, where the power of data meets the art of extracting valuable insights! We'll delve into data science, where you'll witness the fusion of mathematics, statistics, programming, and domain expertise to unravel the hidden stories within vast information. Data science allows us to make sense of the ever-expanding digital universe, uncover patterns, predict trends, and make informed decisions that drive businesses forward.

Let us accept that most of us long for the right job profile and an attractive salary. At present, Data Science jobs are the highest-paying jobs in the business. Due to the high demand and technical skill set, jobs in data science pay well. The average salary of a data scientist ranges between INR600,000–750,000 for freshers as well. With experience and practice, salary growth rises.

According to coursera.org, Data scientist jobs are predicted to experience 36 percent growth between 2021 and 2031. Data science jobs are projected to grow by 23 percent.

Data science is nearly at a high rise in every industry, including health care, retail, and technology, so there are plenty of options to find your spot in an exciting area. If interested in this field, consider boosting your statistics, mathematics, programming, coding, and software development skills. The high demand helps data science is gaining traction from many professionals.

Get ready to explore the dynamic landscape of data science, where curiosity, analytical thinking, and creativity converge to unlock the limitless potential of data.

So, are you ready to enter this captivating adventure? Let's dive into the fascinating world of data science!

Look at the 9 Careers you could go into with a data science degree.

  1. Data Scientist:

    . Imagine being a data detective, extracting insights from complex datasets, and solving real-world problems using your analytical prowess. As a data scientist, you'll dive deep into data, uncover patterns, and build models that predict future trends. You'll help businesses make data-driven decisions and unleash the power of information. Are you up for the challenge?

    If this field interests you and you are willing to learn data science, get the proper knowledge from the data science course that will help to reach your goals. The national average salary for a Data Scientist is ₹12,00,000 in India. Source: glassdoor.co.in

  2. Data Analyst:

    Put on your investigative hat as a data analyst! You'll dig into datasets, uncover hidden gems, and transform raw data into meaningful stories. Visualizations will be your superpower as you create stunning charts and graphs that reveal valuable insights. Your findings will guide organizations in optimizing strategies and making informed choices. Ready to unleash your analytical skills?

    This is your chance to acquire the skills and knowledge that will open doors to endless opportunities in data science. Learn data science from Ahmedabad's best data science course and discover the best career options.

    The national average salary for a Data Analyst is ₹6,00,000 in India. Source: glassdoor.co.in

  3. Machine Learning Engineer

    Step into the world of artificial intelligence and become a machine learning engineer. You'll train intelligent systems to learn from data, enabling them to make predictions and decisions autonomously. You'll be at the forefront of innovation, designing algorithms and models that power self-driving cars, recommendation systems, and more. Can you imagine the possibilities?

    Enroll in our Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Course today and unleash your machine learning potential!

    The national average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is ₹8,00,000 in India. Source: glassdoor.co.in

  4. Business Intelligence Analyst:

    Take on the role of a business intelligence analyst, the best spot of the corporate world. You'll examine data to uncover trends, identify opportunities, and solve complex puzzles. With your insights, you'll guide companies in shaping strategies, optimizing processes, and staying ahead of the competition. Get ready to explore your business analyst expertise.

    The national average salary for a Business Intelligence Analyst is ₹7,77,450 in India. Source: glassdoor.co.in

  5. Data Engineer:

    Put on your construction hat and become a data engineer, the data systems architect. You'll build robust pipelines, connecting vast amounts of information from various sources. Your work will ensure data integrity, scalability, and accessibility, empowering data scientists and analysts to work their magic. Are you ready to construct the data infrastructure of tomorrow? Upskill yourself with Data Science Masters Program and add more value to your CV.

    The national average salary for a Data Engineer is ₹7,14,653 in India. Source: glassdoor.co.in

  6. Quantitative Analyst:

    Join the exciting world of finance as a quantitative analyst, blending mathematics, statistics, and financial expertise. You'll develop models that predict market behaviour, manage risk, and optimize investment strategies. Your mathematical curiosity will help financial institutions navigate the complex landscape of investments and emerge victorious. Can you crunch the numbers?

    The national average salary for a Quantitative Analyst is ₹14,00,000 in India. Source: glassdoor.co.in

  7. Data Architect:

    Step into the shoes of a data architect, the mastermind behind organizing and structuring data systems. You'll design blueprints, create data models, and ensure data flows seamlessly across the organization. Your expertise will shape the future of data infrastructure, ensuring efficiency, security, and compliance. It is worth it to find the best data science course online and get certified as a data scientist. Are you ready for the solid career base?

    The national average salary for a Data Architect is ₹23, 00,000 in India.

  8. Research Scientist:

    Become a scientific explorer, pushing the boundaries of knowledge with data science. As a research scientist, you'll embark on groundbreaking projects, analyzing vast datasets to discover new insights and develop innovative methodologies. Your discoveries will pave the way for advancements in healthcare, social sciences, and beyond. Are you ready to be a pioneer?

    If this job profile looks appealing to you, and even if you do not have a degree in data science, you can still get your dream job by learning data science online or offline at your convenience and getting a certificate from the best data science course.

    The national average salary for a research scientist is ₹5,39,602 in India.

  9. Data Consultant:

    Enter the site of versatility as a data consultant, offering your expertise to organizations needing data-driven guidance. You'll work on diverse projects, collaborating with different industries and tackling unique challenges. Your analytical acumen will provide valuable insights and recommendations, driving businesses toward success. Find your best data science course and enroll in the Data Science Masters Program. Get ready to be the go-to to explore the world of data.

    The national average salary for a Data Consultant is ₹10,00,000 in India.

So these are the nine captivating careers in data science. Each path offers its challenges and rewards. Now it's time for you to choose your adventure. Which job resonated with you the most? Consider accelerating your career in data science with a certified Data Science Masters Program. The world of data science eagerly awaits your contribution!

This guest post was written by Anushka Rathi of Fingertips [published on 26-Aug-2023]

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