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Student Accommodation in Canada

Do you want about good student accommodation in Canada! and want study and get jobs there, then here are some useful information you must know!

Which student housing to choose in Canada?

To find student housing in Canada, you have several solutions. In general, students prefer rooms in dormitories or roommates. Other options are available to you: homestay room, private accommodation or even youth hostels.

Start looking early

Once you receive your letter of acceptance, several schools will send you a comprehensive orientation guide with accommodation options. These options are often listed on the school's website, in brochures or other promotional materials - and for this reason you should research and compare them before making any requests for studies.

Once you are ready to check in and pay for your accommodation, start the process. The options of apartment or lodging decrease 4 to 8 weeks before your date of arrival, particularly in the busiest times like August and September.

Here are few things you must know while finalizing accommodation
  • Food Plan:

    Many students living on campus choose a food plan. These food plans are paid in advance and can be used in participating cafeterias and restaurants at a reasonable price.

  • Public services

    Public services like hot water and electricity and internet services (more and more) can be included or reduced (in the case of dormitories). Before you commit to accommodation, find any additional or hidden costs that may be involved.

  • Need special accessibility

    Students with special accessibility needs should contact the school earlier and in some cases the Registrar of Special Services and Accommodations.

  • When to move?

    Allow yourself enough time to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood and campus facilities. If you arrive during the summer, be aware that on several campuses, some amenities may be closed until the first week of September and many students may still be on vacation. For this reason, it is recommended to arrive in advance but not too much not to feel isolated.

  • Sign a Lease

    You may have to sign a lease when you rent a shared apartment. A lease is usually for six to twelve months.

  • Deposit

    You may be asked to pay an amount equivalent to the price of a month's rent + utility costs (electricity and water) + internet / television as a deposit.

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Things to Remember while Searching Accommodation

  • Make sure to ask to vote school or your agent if they can help you find accommodation in Canada.
  • Be advised of some website scams like Craiglist and never send money until you have seen the apartment or met the owner face-to-face.
  • Schools can offer in-house hosting services, refer you to a placement agency, or expect students to find accommodation themselves. Determine school practice and be proactive.
  • It is not mandatory to choose accommodation options or references offered by the school.
  • No matter what you decide to do, be sure to find accommodations where you feel comfortable and safe and where you are able to study and succeed during your stay in Canada.

Dormitories hostels in Canada

In Canada, the residence hall system is similar to that of the United States. Basically, dormitory rooms are for first-year undergraduate students who leave the family nest for the first time. Nevertheless, some rooms are reserved for students participating in a university exchange program, but the number of places is limited.

Make a request quite quickly, preferably as soon as you have the confirmation of your admission, to have more chance to benefit from a room in the university city. To do this, contact the international relations department of your university to find out how to apply, then apply at the time of registration in your future Canadian university.

Colocation in Canada

Most international students in Canada favor colocation. This is an excellent compromise since this solution allows you to share the fees with Canadian or foreign students in spacious accommodation. In Canada, it is not uncommon to find large apartments or houses that have up to 10 rooms ... imagine the size of housing!

The rent of a roommate room depends greatly on the housing and the city where you live. Allow between $ 500 and $ 700 a month to find a nice place to stay. The lease term can be 4, 8 or 12 months. Useful if you want to spend a semester on site.

Private housing in Canada

If you prefer to live alone to be quiet, you can also turn to classic student accommodation. The easiest way is to search for classified ads and organize on-site visits. Prices vary from one to two depending on where you want to settle (from $ 450 to $ 1,000 a month), so take the time to think about what you want and, most importantly, the compromises you're ready for to do!

On the ads, do not be surprised to see often a "½" next to the number of rooms in the house: it is actually the bathroom. Thus, a 2½ dwelling will simply be an apartment with 2 main rooms (equivalent to a T2).

You can find empty, furnished (all furniture is provided) or semi-furnished (stove and refrigerator provided, and that's all!). Preferably, turn to an " all-inclusive " accommodation, the rent of which already includes charges. This also applies to shared housing!

ParcCité is an international community of students, interns and visitors from around the world. Their spaces are colorful and as smart as the people who live there. Socialize. Keep yourself in shape. Eat well. Become even more educated. From the reception hall to the gym in the basement, from their kitchens to their study rooms, you'll find everything you need inside their walls.
Visit their Website

Homestay in Canada

Although this practice is tending to disappear, many families continue to offer a room in their home with meals included to foreign students. Taking a room at the inhabitant allows you to have economic and friendly accommodation at a time! Attention, we must do extensive research to find a home to rent in the month ... more and more individuals prefer to rent their room by the night or week. To do your research, do not hesitate to visit Homestay Cohébérgement or even Airbnb!

The conditions in which this stay takes place make you privileged hosts. Sharing the life of the inhabitants, you are invited to discover their traditions, their customs and their history, but also, their daily activities. And on some evenings, it's the entire village that comes to life for one of those parties full of music, songs and dance that punctuate life. It is a great human adventure that awaits you in this tourist village.

  • The price includes: a personalized welcome, dinner, night (in downtown Quebec City or less than 20 minutes by car, depending on availability), breakfast and applicable taxes.
  • Twin occupancy = 2 single beds in the room
  • Supplement of
    • $ 8 per person during the Holidays (December 21 to January 6)
    • $ 20 per person to enjoy a room with private bathroom
The youth hostels

The solution to living in youth hostels is obviously not to be considered in the long term. Indeed, hostels are very useful if you arrive in Canada without accommodation: you pay an affordable amount per night and you meet other students in the same situation as you ... Who knows, you may find your future roommates!

Some also include breakfast, which is rather convenient! HostelWorld and AubergeDeJeunesse combine the best hostels in the world.

Hi hostels

The hostel is a good, rather economical solution when you disembark from the plane. Sleeping places range from $ 15 to $ 25 per person per night.


YMCA hostels generally offer dormitories of 4 to 12 beds, mixed, which explains the low price of the rooms. To give you an idea, YMCA hostel range only 15 euros per night. Most of the time, hostels have an internet connection.

Off-campus apartment rentals

If you want to settle in your own apartment in town, you can find it through a specialized agency, on the internet or through word of mouth.

The majority of dwellings are rented year-round, although some can be rented by the month, and all leases start from July 1st (end of the university). However, if you arrive during the year, you will be able to find accommodation with what is known as a lease termination. The person who leaves his apartment will leave you the lease until the end of it. It is important to note that each province has its own legislation with respect to rights and duties with respect to the tenancy (lease, notice, etc.).

Take a room at the inhabitant

Renting a room at the inhabitant can also be an interesting solution if you wish to discover and immerse yourself in a new culture while forging links with the people who host you.Once again, you have to go through online ad sites to find the accommodation of your choice. Several specialized sites offer this type of service, such as Room for rent, Homestay or Bedycasa.